The Areigh Logo

Rassoul Edji came up with the idea for Areigh on the 10th of May 2015, the website later went live on the 17th of May. He envisioned a name people would immediately associate with high quality content, whether it be funny, interesting or emotion inciting they had to be of a high standard.


The Name of Areigh

Rassoul came up with the idea of the name ‘Areigh’ when he was thinking about a name and the name ‘Array’ caught his attention. Array caught his attention because it portrayed his idea perfectly. ‘An array of content, all worth consuming.’ Rassoul, wanting the name of the website to be unique but still have some meaning behind it decided to change the spelling of the word ‘array’ to ‘Areigh’ This allowed it to still be pronounced the same while being spelled differently.



Our mission

Areigh’s mission is to provide people with high quality content, whether it be a funny video we have made to entertain our audience or a current hot topic in the world of gaming or technology we try to do it at the highest quality and standard we possibly can to make sure the viewer gets the best experience and or find what they were looking for when they stumbled upon us.



Rassoul Edji

Founder, chief editor and social manager





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