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The Biggest Features of The Windows 10 Creators Update

The Biggest Features of The Windows 10 Creators Update

by Rassoul EdjiOctober 27, 2016

Microsoft announced its latest update to Windows 10 in their surface event. The next update to Windows is called the Creators update and will be coming sometime in Spring next year. There are a few features that Microsoft ran through in the event; so whats new in the Creators update of Windows 10? 

Windows 10 MyPeople

Windows 10’s MyPeople

Faster ways to connect

Not the most exciting feature of the update, but most probably the most useful: Users can now pin a select amount of people directly to their task bar. From here, you can simply drag and drop files to them and share them with as little hassle as possible. This also serves as a hub for messaging. You can send Skype messages and emails directly from this section of the task bar. Users even have the ability to send ‘nudges’ which will appear directly on the receivers desktop.

Game broadcasting and tournaments come built-in

With the Creators update, you can watch people play games directly through Windows 10. Or, if you want to do some streaming yourself you can also do that directly through Windows. This is possible through the game streaming service ‘Beam.’ A company which Microsoft purchased for this purpose. Microsoft it is painless and easy to both find and access streams as well as streaming. Microsoft also says that the program will have lots of features that will allow streamers to interact directly with the viewers.

Windows 10 as a home for 3D and virtual reality

Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the home for both 3D and virtual reality. Even more ambitious than this is how they also want the OS to be the home for augmented reality and holographic computing – Something Microsoft is already trying to do with the HoloLens. To do this, Microsoft has made a lot of its apps support 3D. An example of this is Paint.

Onstage, Microsoft scanned a sand castle, uploaded it to Paint, tweaked it in 3D all inside Paint and then viewed it in augmented reality on their HoloLens.

We want you to move around a 3D world as naturally as you scroll through a document Microsoft

To make Windows 10 the home for 3D Microsoft had to introduce 3D capabilities into their classic programs. Microsoft has added 3D capabilities into Pain and PowerPoint and explained how both programs can now be used to create and edit 3D objects. You can create shapes from scratch on Paint and share them on social media and other platforms or you can add 3D clipart to your presentation in PowerPoint. Microsoft says that this is just the start, promising to integrate 3D into its most popular programs in the coming year.

Microsoft VR

Affordable VR headsets

Microsoft believes that there is no point in having so much support for 3D if your users cannot view them in virtual reality too. This is why they are partnering with tech firms such as HO, Dell and Asus to make affordable VR headsets with 6 degree of freedom head tracking with prices starting from $299. Microsoft hopes that since the headsets are standalone devices they will provide a better experience than headsets that require input – such as the Samsung Gear VR.


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