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The HTC 10 And The Next Nexus

The HTC 10 And The Next Nexus

by Rassoul EdjiApril 13, 2016

Reports say that HTC will be making the next Nexus phone for Google. Now with the release of the new HTC 10 what things can we expect from HTC for this years Nexus? 

Before we go into what we can expect for next this years Nexus (if HTC does indeed make the Nexus this year) I want to talk about one feature, of sorts, on the HTC 10 that enforces HTC making the Nexus for this year. The fact that HTC now no longer provides apps that Google already has in Android shows that they have some kind of deal with Google. This has made the software experience the closest it has ever been to stock Android. This is most probably a clue to what’s to come later this year.

The next Nexus

In terms of the HTC 10 and what it could mean the next Nexus will have in stock for us, we can surely expect the obvious to pass on from the 10 to the Nexus. This includes: the Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, 2560 x 1440 display (maybe LCD? Hopefully AMOLED). But, some things are on the HTC 10 that we will probably not see carried onto the Nexus. One of those is of course the capacitive buttons. With stock Android having on screen buttons the chances of the next Nexus having capacitive buttons is close to 0. Further to this statement, we can expect HTC’s new Boomsound system to dissapear too (which is a good thing?). This is of course because there is no need for capacitive buttons and a finger print sensor on the front of the phone so there will be enough space to bring back the full front facing speakers that we all love.

Those are really the only assumptions I can make that I truly believe to be true if indeed HTC is making the next Nexus. But, I can speculate and hope. So that’s what I am going to do now. This part will be features that I hope we will see in the next Nexus later this year. Lets get started.


The first thing that I hope we see in the Nexus this year is a large battery. Samsung has shown us that you can fit a huge battery in a medium sized phone with the S7 Edge so I don’t see why the Nexus shouldn’t have an even larger display (since it will most certainly be larger than the S7 Edge. If the Nexus keeps its current size of a 5.7″ screen then I don’t see why HTC (or whoever) cant put a larger battery than the S7 Edge which has a 5.5″ screen and a 3600mAh battery into the next Nexus. No excuses.

Fingerprint sensor

I would like to see the finger print on the back. Like the 6P. There is no need for it to be on the front if the there are no physical buttons, it just becomes a pain to look at. On the back, it is out of sight, and also has great accessibility.


Another thing that I am quite keen on is the camera for the upcoming Nexus. Huawei’s 6P done a great job in the camera department, however, HTC doesn’t have the greatest track record for camera quality so i’m hoping that HTC can pull off something great in the camera department. The HTC 10 seems to have the best camera performance of any HTC flagship so far so that is a good sign that HTC is stepping up their game when it comes to camera’s anyway.


HTC One M9 concept

Image credit: Phone designer

I want to quickly talk about design before we finish. Both HTC and Huawei are really good at design. But, I feel like Huawei has the upper hand here when it comes to design. HTC’s phone seem to be overpowering in one aspect or another. With the M8 we got super curves and now with the 10 we are getting super chamfers. I feel like HTC doesn’t know how to hit a sweet spot within design. They did it once with the M7 but that was it. If they could use the same ‘just right’ philosophy they used in the M7 for the Nexus then we can expect a great design for sure. A great design concept that was put forward for the M9 (but, unfortunately it wasnt what the M9 looked like) but would still make for a great design if made for this years Nexus is shown above.

If there is anything that I have missed or if there is anything you disagree about please let me know in the comments section below.

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