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Better Notifications For Android N

Better Notifications For Android N

by March 12, 2016

Now that everyone is being flooded with new features and refinements in the surprisingly early Android N preview 1 I decided to get in on it a little bit. However, I am not showing off any new features or anything. I’m addressing possibly the biggest change in preview 1 of Android N: The notifications. 

If you have been following any news about the developer preview you know how the new notifications work. Instead of cards they are now one long list and now instead of it saying something like “you have multiple new emails” it now allows you to dive down and see each new notification by pressing the arrows to expand them for a specific app. You can also now perform more features straight from the notification shade, replying archiving and deleting are a few for example.

I am super excited for the new, more powerful, notifications but one thing I am not so excited about is the fact that they are now a long list. This, to me, makes no sense. Why you may ask? Well fair enough for the expanded view it is okay showing the notifications as a list because they stem from that specific app that you have expanded. But all notifications should not be a long list. I like to think of this new change as paragraphs and sentences. Notifications from different apps should be like paragraphs and notifications from the same app bundled into one notification should be like sentences inside a paragraph. For example, if you have 4 new emails from Gmail you will first see one email notification that shows you briefly that you have 4 new emails. This is one notification and is a part of every other notification you get in list form. When you expand this notification is becomes 4 separate notifications in another list of its own. This does not make sense to me. I think the notifications you get from different apps should be cards, so it is easily distinguishable from other notifications from other apps. But, when you expand an apps notification it should be a list because it is still notifications from that app. I’m sure you understand what I am talking about but if you do not the image above demonstrates this perfectly.

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