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Samsung Is Heading In The Right Direction

Samsung Is Heading In The Right Direction

by Rassoul EdjiFebruary 23, 2016

Samsung has actually listened to their customers. Something not a lot of companies are starting to do. You may ask yourself “how did they listen to their customers exactly?” Well, let me explain.

If you watched any review or even maybe own an S6 or S6 Edge you know of its main flaws. Those, for the main part, are weak battery life and no expandable storage (I know there are more but these are the most prominent ones)

Now that Samsung officially announced the S7 and the S7 Edge yesterday at MWC 2016 we now know for a fact that Samsung is finally starting to care about what their customers actually want to see in Samsung’s phones. They showed us that they care by bringing back the expandable storage, and making the phone a little bit thicker to make room for a bigger battery (a massive improvement of 500mAh increase from the S6 to the S7 and 1000mAh from the S6 Edge to the S7 Edge) and reduced camera hump. Another notable addition is the IP68 certification which means you can go showering with your S7. If that’s what you’re into.

The future for Samsung

Samsung should continue in the path it is currently on but only change the things that are bad in its mobile devices. One thing that spring to mind immediately is Samsung’s skin atop Android: Touchwiz. Samsung should trim Touchwiz down to the bare bones and only add features that are essential to Touchwiz’ user experience, such as multi window. The closer they get Touchwiz to stock Android the better the performance will be better and also the easier it will be to push out Android OS updates.


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